Addressing the intricate
nature of business processes
requires precise tools and
profound expertise.

Understanding business process requires understanding of the industry

No matter where you are in your business endeavor or journey, our human resources pool with abundant knowledge and experience is available to offer our assistance.

FII is a certified accounting and auditing firm, established in Cambodia since 2011 and became a corresponding firm of RSM in 2017. We are licensed by the Accounting and Auditing Regulator (ACAR) and by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) as well as the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC). FII is one of the largest local accounting and auditing firms in Cambodia.

Our vision is to become a trusted partner of our clients towards their optimal growth, the first choice they consider, since the beginning of their business journey from the formalization of the business via company registration to maintaining proper books of accounts and having an adequate internal control system in place for compliance with local regulations, good governance, and providing independent audits through our assurance service.

During the expansion stage, we support our clients in conducting feasibility studies, formulating business plans, performing market research, conducting due diligence during mergers and acquisitions, as well as preparing for entrance into the capital market. Our assistance also extends to the de-registration and liquidation of the company as a necessary part of their exit strategy. Supporting services are also provided on an as-needed basis throughout your business journey.

Our Core Values

Enterprise – Integrated business reality mindset

Experience – Collective local experience with global exposure perspectives

Execution – Consistently trusted delivery and proven execution

To ensure our consistent trusted delivery and proven execution, our values are:

Focused – We honor our commitment to deliver on time with the highest standard of quality expected

Integrity – Ours and our clients’ reputation are non-negotiable with no compromise at all times

Inclusive – We do not operate in solo mindsets or action but always inclusive for our clients’ total interests from all angles of our services.

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Holistic support for businesses from the initial stages of company registration to tax, accounting, and labor compliance. We also assist with the development of internal control systems, assurance, research, company valuation, business plan formulation, and exit strategies.

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Strategic Partners

FII is dedicated to provide a one-stop service for our clients. Therefore, we strive to create an ecosystem with our strategic partners to offer optimal business solutions for our clients.

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