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FII&Associates offers assistances with tax services in any step of your business journey starting from incorporation of the company. Our tax services not only help promote your tax compliances but also mitigate tax risks in the tax audit processes through on-going and timely professional consulting. Below is a summary list of our tax services for all stages of your business from incorporation until the exit from the investments.

Business stages Services Details
Incorporation • Registration Registration of a new company with relevant government institutions
• Tax advisory Tax planning and advice on tax obligations, registration obligations and risks associated to business operations
During operation • Tax compliance Monthly and annual tax declarations
• Payroll outsourcing Preparation of payroll, NSSF and pension fund declaration
• Tax compliance review Tax health check for the monthly and annual tax declaration
• Tax audit assistance Limited and comprehensive tax audit processes
• On-going registration Registration of the company’s updated information and registrations relevant to labor compliance
• Tax advisory Advice on tax implications and risks associated with on-going and new business operations and transactions
• Bookkeeping Preparation of financial statement
• Training Tax training on monthly tax, annual tax and tax audit
Exit from investment • De-registration De-registration of the company with relevant government institutions
• Tax audit Comprehensive tax audit processes and application for tax clearance certificate
• Tax due diligence Tax compliance screening and tax liabilities projection for the ‘merging and acquisition’ processes
• Tax advisory Advice on exit strategies and associated tax implications

Hak Viren
Partner, Tax and Corporate Services
Email: viren.hak@3e-fii.com

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Hak Viren
Partner, Tax and Corporate Services

Email: viren.hak@3e-fii.com

Run Vearak
Director, Tax and Corporate Services

Email: vearak.run@3e-fii.com

Sorn Chanthol
Director, Tax and Corporate Services

Email: chanthol.sorn@3e-fii.com

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