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FII takes pride in our pool of human resources who has walked their own professional paths and accumulated wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise over the years. With this access to a collection of human resources, we are able to offer you service that is tailored to your business needs.

Below are examples of our common service offerings:

  • Company restructure: There are various motivations to conduct company restructure including, but not limited to, formalizing a company, preparing for growth, accommodating change in leaderships, preparing for mergers and acquisitions, increasing efficiency, improving internal controls to ensure adequate check and balance with proper guidelines and standard operating procedure. Whatever your reasons may be, you can talk to our experts to obtain a tailored service. Key elements being assessed are structure, staffs, policies & procedures, and reporting & monitoring.

  • Research: We provide various types of researches based on business needs. Common reasons for seeking our professional research service include, but not limited to, feasibility study of an investment, feasibility study of a new business setup, and market research as inputs for business plan development.

  • Financial due diligence: We offer due diligence on financial performance disclosed by the company, which provide insights regarding key findings for investors in a potential merger and acquisition transaction. This can also be useful for business owners to understand their own business performance that is a useful input, facilitating business decisions for optimal growth.

  • Company valuation: We provide professional services to value a business that may be used by either the seller or the buyer in a particular merger and acquisition transactions.

  • In addition to the above services, we also provide business advisory services for any concerns related to financial management or business strategy or operations.

Therefore, do not hesitate to talk to our experts for a tailored service in accordance to your business needs. Our team of professionals are being led by our departmental experts. Learn more about their wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in our management team section.

Heng Seida, FCCA
CEO, Managing partner

Email: seida.heng@3e-fii.com

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Heng Seida, FCCA
CEO, Managing partner

Email: seida.heng@3e-fii.com

Sisowath Chakara, CFA
Managing partner
CEO, 3E-Fii Capital, Corporate Finance

Email: chakara.sisowath@3e-fii.com

Nhean Tola
Managing partner
Research and Strategy

Email: tola.nhean@3e-fii.com

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