We offer

Bookkeeping & book re-construction

Accounting review

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system & data migration support

Finance manual/policy development & review

Other services related to compliance with Accounting and Auditing Regulator (ACAR)

Fii can offer assistance in any step of your business journey from the setup of your accounting practices, reviewing your current accounting practices, upgrading your accounting capacity towards meeting compliance, as well as maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies.

Our bookkeeping services help you focus on making your strategic business decisions while we take care of keeping your accounting records. The accounting records that are well-kept would allow the production of financial statements that are critical elements towards making an informed business decision.

If you already have an accounting team but are not sure if the accounting standards are up to quality, our accounting review services can assist you in determining if the existing accounting practices are in compliance and up to acceptable standards. If they are not, our book re-construction services can help you address the issue.

If you are looking towards utilizing technology in order to streamline your accounting practices, we also offer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and data migration support to get you started on your journey by leveraging on technology.

With or without using an accounting system, we also provide services to develop finance manual/policy to provide guidance for optimal accounting practices for future implementation. We also review finance manual/policy, if they already exist, in order to ensure it is still an optimal accounting practices that are compatible with the evolving environment and the company’s growth stage.

We also offer other services related to compliance with Accounting and Auditing Regulator (ACAR) so you can rest assured that your administrative tasks are being well taken care and focus on critical business decisions.

Our team of professionals are being led by our departmental experts. Learn more about their wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in our management team section.

Sun Kimhin, FCCA
Accounting Partner
Tel: +855 78 818 555
Email: kimhin.sun@3e-fii.com<

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Accounting Partner
Manager, Accounting Outsourcing Service
Manager, Accounting Outsourcing Service

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